Memberships & Spa Party


Membership Information  


Option A 4 B Lipo Treatments a month
Option B 1 Body Vault Melt + Body Vault Shaker
Option C 1 Body Vault Plump + V Lipo 
Membership benefits include
• Locks you into $99 Body Vault Butt Lift, Bye Bye Cellulite and Body Vault Tight & Toned treatments 
• VIP access to model opportunities 
• Priority Scheduling 
• VIP access to The Body Vault Events & Promotions
• 1 FREE service during your birth month 
To purchase please use the booking page or send an email to

Membership Information  


Membership benefits include

This is a $365 fee (paid in 1 payment) give you access to the following

Locks you into $99 Body Vault Melt sessions for the year
1 free Heated Detoxification a month
Priority Scheduling
Free Body Party during your Birthday Month
1 Free Mystery Product

To purchase please use the booking page or send an email to


Body Party 

Services Options                 Price per person 
Sauna                                    2 services $125
B Lipo                                    3 services $155
V Lipo                                    4 services $185
Wood Therapy 
Body Vault Plump 
RF Skin Tightening 


To schedule please send email to