B-Tox Slimming Kit

B-Tox Slimming Kit

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Everyone is ranting and raving about the new B-Tox. Our newest at home Belly Button Detox system is specially formulated with natural plant ingredients and other safe extracts, without any preservatives, non-irritating, easy to absorb. B-Tox improves the metabolic system, fully regulates and dig the meridians and organs, improve quality of sleep and relax belly.

What’s included in the kit?

💛 1 month supply of of B-Tox slimming patches
💛 1 month supply of ginger oil

Perfectly patched with: 

⭐️Slimming Tea

⭐️ Body Vault Water Bottles 

⭐️ Waist Trainer

⭐️ Slimming Cream

⭐️ Slimming Wrap