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If you are looking for your next business venture, look no further. The Business In A Box: Detox Tea kit is everything you need to start making money right away! Selling detox tea is fun & easy but even better when you can turn your $215 investment into $1,000.00. 

64 - 7 Day Detox

10- Mylar bags



Here is the math to make $1,000 from your $215 

Sell 16 28 Day Kits at $62.50

Sell 33 14 Day Kits at $30.30

Sell 66 7 day Kits at $15.15

Sell 133 3 day kits at $7.51

Sell 263 1 day kits at $3.80

Once you make your see your profit take $215 and do it again! The Detox Tea industry is a multimillion dollar industry! There is room for you!